“If things don’t work out, I can always go do nails” — Serena Williams”

Painting your nails is fun, you have to admit. It adds to your outfit and style. Here are some of the latest in nail fashion.

Red- This is a classic color for all seasons but it’s especially fun for fall.

Try my favorite OPI- Color to Diner for







Rustic Orange- It’s fall. Think of changing leaves and pumpkin pie (!)

Try Essie Nail Polish in Very Structured






Matte Top Coat nail polish- It’s a bold statement. It’s edgy. With this nail polish instead of a glossy finish, you get a matte, clean finish. Check out the photos below and see for yourself.




Try OPI in Matte Black Onyx








Nail Strips- For those of us who will never be surgeons, dentists, and in this case, manicurists, I present you the solution to our problem -Nail Strips. If you’re like me and are unable to paint their nails without painting your finger and making a mess everywhere, then you should try nail strips. They are basically stickers for your nails. You peel and apply the nail strip and voila! The nail strip usually lasts about a week but if you apply a clear top coat it last longer (trust me).

This application comes in fun and quirky colors! Check them out.

Try Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects


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