He who has eyes to see, let them see.

This morning my glasses broke as I was putting them on.  I guess it was time. I’ve had the same pair for years now.

I’ll miss my Marc Jacobs’. They were good to me. They allowed me to see everyday. I’ve worn glasses ever since 4th grade, so having blurry vision has been my norm. I often wonder how wonderful it would be to wake up and not need your glasses. To wake up with clear vision.

Vision is a wonderful gift we often take for granted. There are millions in this world that have vision impairments but can not correct them, whether it be with simple glasses or minor surgeries, because of their lack of financial resources or access to services.

Being able to see changes everything.

Yeah, I liked my Marc Jacob glasses. They were just expensive glasses. They were fashionable glasses and they framed my face perfectly.  The only benefit it provided was that they allowed me to see correctly. But that’s not enough for me anymore. And it shouldn’t be for you either.

I admire organizations that seek to provide the needs of and transform the lives of others. And that’s exactly what Warby Parker does.

Warby Parker offers designer, chic glasses and sunglass at an AMAZING price ($95 prescription). With every purchase of glasses made they provide funding and/or  a pair of glasses to people who need them, through partnerships with nonprofits like VisionSpring. Both these organizations strive to provide the gift of vision.

Check out Warby Parker in India:

As for me I’m thinking of the Pierce. What do you think?


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