Kindness to me…

I think this anonymous contributor nailed it.

What Kindness Means to Me

25 November, 2011 – 19:42
Kindness to me is being in a mode of here/now … despite differences …

Kindness to me is sharing my feelings, ideas, thoughts to the other and being open to trusting my loved ones’ feedbacks … If I disagree, I feel, the great way seem to agree to disagree non-violently.

Kindness to me is respecting the time/efforts given by the other and show genuine gratitude.

Kindness to me is the sudden spontaneity at times filled with positive words and appreciation for what the other does, despite my own current troubles and shortcomings.

Kindness to me is treating friendship positively at challenging times, for being who the person is and not despite being who the person is.

Kindness to me is helping a person without losing one’s true self to negativity. If yes, then not too long.

Kindness to me is being honest, firm and gentle when challenged.

God bless.