The title of this is “Just in Time” or “It All Worked Out Somehow”

Costa Rica 2012

This is the visual story of our travels to Costa Rica. I’d wish I could go into detail about the randomness that happened along the way but here are some moments:

  • No sleep until Panama. Actually no sleep until Los Angeles November 26th.
  • Sprinting across Panama Intl. airport to catch connecting flight is no fun.
  • Getting kicked out of our original Hostel room the first night but later getting upgraded. #win
  • Running across busy San Jose streets with our luggage to catch a bus.
  • Sitting sideways on a bus seat for 3 hrs because you have long legs. #tallpeopleproblems
  • Exchange rates. Every time I wanted to buy something, I immediately converted it to dollars and convinced myself that there is no way in hell I’d pay THAT much in the states. #poorpeopleproblems
  • Going on 4-6 hours hikes became the norm.
  • It became our natural inclination to jump into any large body of water. Preferably off a big boulder. And preferably off a waterfall.
  • The best way to end a long day of jumping off of waterfalls and into ice-cold water is in a natural hot spring.
  • Note to self: Don’t jump into a river full of sulfur. Even if it is a beautiful, sky blue.
  • Their coffee is better.
  • I didn’t pack for any type of weather besides hot and humid. I should have known better. I was going to a RAINforest.
  • You get really creative with your wardrobe when you run out of clean, dry socks… in a rainforest.
  • I’m pretty sure people mean well, but their ability in giving directions suck. #lostincostarica
  • Getting lost using public transportation is not fun, unless you meet a Costa Rican Buddhist who analyzes your life based on your astrological sign and name. Then things get interesting.
  • I got stung by a bee for the first time in my life. At least I no longer have to live with the uncertainty of knowing if I’m allergic to bee stings or not. I’m not.
  • Being nice and asking what one is cooking for dinner going a long way. We were cooked a fine Italian meal and given a wine tasting lesson by a nice Costa Rican gentleman.
  • When you have the choice to go get drinks or go on a night walk (to see nocturnal animals) always, always choose the drinks. always.
  • I’ve never hung out with so many surfers in my life.
  • You really do lose all track of time when on vacation. That just means you’re doing your vacation right.
  • One of the best rewards in traveling is making new friends. One of which kept pushing me to quit my job and travel for an indefinite length of time. Porque no pasa nada con nada.
  • I want to thank my parents for teaching me Spanish as a child. It helped and made me experience Costa Rica in a different way.

Enjoy the photos.

Gloomy skies and Arenal greatness. Yup, that’s an active volcano.

Find the yellow bird

You gonna touch the sky!

Shortly after taking this photo, I dove into that waterfall and body of water.

It was like being in Jurassic Park

Our guide managed to talk for most of our 4 hour uphill hike in hot and humid weather. AND he does this hike twice a day. I was put to shame.

Midway through our hike. This wasn’t even the reward but it was sure nice to see.

I was fascinated by the roots of this tree.

Again, fascinated by the tree roots.

Color contrast

This is where I wish I had paid more attention in Biology or Earth Science class. This is where the fresh clean water chemically reacts with the calcium (white line) and other minerals, transforming the water into a light blue hue full of sulfur. Google: Rio Celeste, Costa Rica.

Completely safe right?

Tires and rope is what held up most of the bridges.

Beaching it.

Erica would describe me as: Blue and coral long summer dress-wearing, beach bum, bun head lady. Or something like that.

Sand and all its formations

I wasn’t lying when I said I spent a good 3 full days just being lazy at the beach.

Ugh. This was probably the most memorable day/walk/sunset/moment of the trip. And at some point, Claudia and I started to plan our new friend Kyle’s wedding. haha.

All photos taken by me, except for the ones I’m in.


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