When It Comes To Happiness

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy gelato and that’s kind of the same thing 😋🍧

What about you? What do you call happiness?

Gelato, mi amore!


Hey White Dress Lady!

There are mornings where I can’t decide what to wear. It’s not that I don’t have enough clothes, that’s DEFINITELY not the problem. But sometimes I over think it. I over analyze every detail about an outfit, trying to create some thing unique and beautiful by meshing two or three articles of clothing together; allowing my imagination to run wild. This sometimes (no, more like all the time… meaning more like every single day) makes me late to work. Through one of those erratic, anxiety-inducing, you’re-running-out-of-time (like this is a race), just-pick-something type of recurring episodes in my life, I remembered that  simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication. Now, whenever I have a morning where I get too caught up in my head, I return to this,

Simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication

Yesterday was one of those days. So, as I was tornado-ing through my closet, I remembered that phrase and decided to take my own advice and keep it classically simple.

*I added a green belt to my outfit for a pop of color. Just because I can and I did*

White DressWhite Dress

Can I just mention how much I love this building’s color scheme!? Can someone guess what building this is? Hint(s): The  area of Los Angeles in which this building is located is sometimes called an up-and-coming “hipsterville”. And please make note that it was rather brite outside, the day this photo was taken…

“El glamor ante todo!”

I walked into my mom’s room, in an overcast yet hot and humid day in Los Angeles, and ask my mom to take a photo with me. She responds, “Porque?” or “Why?”. I respond by quoting the eternal, the extravagant, the unforgettable Celia Cruz, “El glamor ante todo!” (“Above all, it’s about glamour”)

My mom is my everlasting fashion inspiration. Plus, she looked pretty fly with her turquoise flowered outfit. How could I not take a photo with this woman?


Mom Mom Mom