In My Purse…

What a woman carries in her purse says a lot about her. It can tell what she considers everyday essentials, what she can’t live without, or just what she ends up dumping in there. Women drop dollar bills for what some people consider an accessory. Men find it a mystery; bewildered by what might be inside our purses. Whether a woman pays 1K or $10 for it, all women can agree, we are incomplete without it.

As for me, I have been known to be the Mary Poppins of my office and group of friends. I have a purse for every occasion and if I don’t, I’ll buy one.

If what a woman carries says a lot about a woman, what does carrying an avocado say about me?

July 16, 2013- Avocado in my purse.

Avocado in my purse.

In my purse:

Sunblock- After burning my back for staying too long at the beach this weekend, this is an essential item.

Jane Austen’s Persuassion- Girl’s gotta read something.

Demeter Roll-on Perfume Oil- I like the smell of Clean Skies. It’s heavenly.

Compact Mirror

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Warby Parker Sunglasses/ Sunglasses Case- I love Warby Parker, their sunglasses, glasses, and business model in general. I’ve been an avid supporter and loyal customer since their beginning. I encourage everyone to check their out their website.


Essie Nail polish

Avocado- I love avocados. I rushed out of the house this morning and forgot to add it in my lunch bag (!). Before stepping out, I grabbed it and put it in my purse. This one was added to the chicken wrap and lentil soup that I had for lunch.

USB Flashdrive

Leather Wallet- From Italy! My favorite.

Nine West Wallet- I’m always surprised when I actually have money in this thing.

That’s it. Pretty normal right?

Ok, ladies and gents, what do you carry in your purses? Do you carry the world with you or keep it light and simple?




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