The Best Places in Los Angeles to Picnic


Going along with the theme of summer and picnics, I came across this articles today about the best places in Los Angeles to picnic. I’ve picnicked at 6 of the 14 places mentioned in this article…

I need to work on that…

I’ll update you in the fall and tell you how I did  🙂

The Best Places in Los Angeles to Picnic click here.


Summa’ Time

I’m a major fan of summer… not just any summer but an LA summer.

People might say that LA has no real seasons; that it just has one really long sunny season. But I’d beg to differ. As a native Angeleno, I can tell when seasons change. When its temperatures elevate to  a simmering 81 degrees as opposed to its usual 77, when the sunsets are evermore radiant and passionate, when it’s nice and brisk in the morning to actually witness and enjoy the ever-so-talked-about-but-never-really-seen sunrise, when the birds outside my bedroom window chirp a bit more melodically, when summer night weather blankets you just perfectly and deems pleasant late night walks, when the sunsets are continuously radiant and passionate, and when I see my friends a little bit more than I do my family 😉

Summertime in LA means picnics. Really. Picnicking becomes the quintessential activity for summer. I picnic whenever I have the opportunity- even when you go see Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z in concert. Two weeks ago, I was able to check off seeing Jay-Z perform live in concert… Justin Timberlake was an added bonus. The concert was amazing but I have to say that one of the best parts of that day was bringing blankets, tons of good food, an instant polaroid camera, and a lot of good stories. All in the good company of friends.

Ashley and I spent the day picnicking and enjoying life. As you can see we enjoy our polaroids!

My sunglasses IMG_7873

Summer PicnicI’m no picnicking expert but here are my recommendations for an essential summer picnic (outfits to follow ).


"Just put a bird on it" or any animal for that matter. Where is my giraffe-themed picnic blanket?

“Just put a bird on it” or any animal for that matter.
Where is my giraffe-themed picnic blanket?

Picnic basket:

Ms. Kate Spade, you are effortlessly chic

Polaroid Camera:

Diana Camera

It’s amazing the countless hours of fun a little thing like this can afford.


These fun, quirky, and perfect for the summer sun!

These fun, quirky, and perfect for the summer sun!

Oversized Flowy Hat:



FOOD:No photo necessary. Just bring anything that you can carry and want!

What are you summer picnic essentials?