For those who have office jobs, you might be able to relate to this. By the time its 4:00pm, I’m pretty much tired of staring at a computer screen all day and either my head, back, or soul hurt. So what do you do when you’re almost done with the work day but not really? …You take a break and walk outside.

4:17pm is my favorite time of the work day.   4:17pm is really specific but through trial and error, I’ve learned that this the time of day when God dazzles us with the very best of nature’s beauty. I purposely take a break around this time every day and walk to Echo Park Lake. This park was recently re-opened and aside from providing a green and open space for this community, it has brought happiness to my soul.

Most days, around 4:17pm, I walk to the lake to get some fresh air and see the radiant and vibrant sun retrieve for the day, leaving a trail of soft rose, variations of orange, spatters of fierce red, and tints of blue-violet enveloping the evening sky. There is something so ethereal about a sunset…and most importantly peaceful. At that time you see your brisk-walkers, fast-walkers, dog-walkers, joggers, picnic-ers, people-watchers, young and old, friends, and lovers, enjoying the amenities this urban oasis has to offer. What’s funny is that I’ve learned to recognize some regulars, like the elderly Asian couple that sit on the north west corner of the lake in silence staring at passerby’s, or the guy that has solo saxophone jazz sessions every Friday afternoon. He’s my favorite mainly because I like to think he’s dedicating those songs to me. Breaks like that make me remember that there is life outside of my four office walls and that I need to live it.

“Live life”, a friend recently told me.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


This was supposed to be a short post, just a sentence or two about the photos, mainly because it’s almost 1am and I’m sleepy. But I felt like I needed to provide more context to these photos, so I let myself type.


SunsetPalms Bubble Butt

I love this photo so much. You have no idea.

I love this photo so much. You have no idea.

Peaking through.

Peaking through.

Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines

Green Neck and Bubble Butt Duck Butt

Dream in the Horizon [Office Photo]

Dream in the Horizon [Office Photo]

Sunset on Sunset. // Dream Center

Sunset on Sunset.
// Dream Center

Sunset on Glendale...

Sunset on Glendale // Mountains

The corner

Corner Spot [Office Photo]

Lonely Star

Lone Star [Office Photo]

Proud Angeleno