Day 12

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Pia, please don’t hate me for posting these photos but they are truly lovely.


Girls and Technology: Dressember Day 10

Technology is  powerful tool. The UN Women, UNICEF and UN-Habitat launched an online website which also works as a smartphone app that brings together information on support services for women and girls who are survivors of violence.

This is a perfect example of self-empowerment through the utilization of mobile technology. It is also a great way to build a network of well-informed, tech-savvy, and empowered women, regardless of social class. There has been an influx of apps and mobile technology being created, as mobile devices become more readily available and inexpensive.

Take a look at this video promoting  hyper-local, mobile hotspot mapping and services identification.


Learn more about this app and about how its transforming communities, including favelas, in Brazil, here.

———Dressember Day 10———————-

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