Remember that one time…

When I started Dress-ember 2013?

Well, I technically finished. All days were photographed just never uploaded and shared. Ooops.

Here is the continuation of my journey…

Let me describe to you my look… It’s a combination of “I-didn’t-wash-my-hair-that-is-why-it’s-in-a-bun and the I’m-bringing-back-the-nineties look (because everything from the 90s is cool again, right? RIGHT? I mean, I did see a girl today wearing those gel glittery sandals that I used to have in every color of the rainbow as a kid…)

Please take time to admire the lovely sofa in my office.

IMG_9067 IMG_9078 IMG_9074 IMG_9072 IMG_9085 IMG_9106 IMG_9102 IMG_9079 IMG_9068


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