Returning to Ballet at 50: Dressember Day 9

“I realized, if not now, when? Or more aptly, if not now, never.”- Yona Zeldis McDonough
These words hold so much truth. Lately, I’ve been struggling with figuring out my next steps. I too often err on the side of caution because I am at ease with the familiar. Yet, I wonder if the path I’m heading down is only providing temporary stability and satisfaction; that I am doing myself a disservice and stiffing the potential and happiness of my life? Is it too safe?
A friend recently told me that “life doesn’t change until you make that decision.” And they are right. I sometimes wish life came with a manual. It’d be so much easier. Until then, I’ll continue to figure it out. One experience/trial/stumble/mistake/ fashion disaster after another, until I can say, “This is where I’m supposed to be.”
Finally, I read this little piece about starting again, wherever you left off. I thought it was touching and well written.
Yona Zeldis McDonough on her return to ballet at fifty.

————–Dressember Day 9—————–

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“El glamor ante todo!”

I walked into my mom’s room, in an overcast yet hot and humid day in Los Angeles, and ask my mom to take a photo with me. She responds, “Porque?” or “Why?”. I respond by quoting the eternal, the extravagant, the unforgettable Celia Cruz, “El glamor ante todo!” (“Above all, it’s about glamour”)

My mom is my everlasting fashion inspiration. Plus, she looked pretty fly with her turquoise flowered outfit. How could I not take a photo with this woman?


Mom Mom Mom